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I'm back stateside again, hopefully until the fall.  Looking forward to taking an overdue vacation, catching up on reading (including the last part of the sshg_exchange that I couldn't finish before my trip), and getting back into some drawing. 

I'll be playing catch up again for some time, but at least I made the sign up for the severusbigbang by a few hours! Happy Birthday and hello to all those who've I missed!  Hope you all are well!


Feb. 26th, 2009

Happy Birthday  [info]a_bees_buzz !
 Wishing you much happiness, health, and honey!  (and of course, icons!)


My sshg_exchange gift was posted today and it's amazing!!! And I don't use that term lightly. It's jaw-droppingly, bug-eyed-stunningly gorgeous!!

Seriously Brilliant Arts Here

Much love and applause to the Mystery Artist!! They are both magnificent!!


After a marathon string of out of town/country trips for work, I'm finally mostly back to normal. (Even focusing mostly on work, Stockholm and Berlin were amazing!) Except for a few weekends, I've been away for the better part of four months, which is a bit insane now that I think about it. I'm thrilled to be back to catch up on things here and all the fics I've missed. With the exchange starting today, I'm very glad I managed to find time to participate. But I don't think I'll ever forget the strange looks I got from an elderly woman on a plane, seated next to me on a flight from Chicago to Seattle, who caught me scribbling. She most certainly didn't approve!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a fantastic start to 2009. It's good to be home!

While the cats are away...

The mice will play! There's a first-rate party going on over at portus_envy !

nixitall totally made my day with a Luna fic called The Wooly Klavin . I just love it!

And I've had a blast making icons:

Thanks to bluestocking79 and machshefa for setting this all up!

Where's Emily Post when you need her?

Is there a "generally accepted" etiquette on reviewing a story?  Do you post a review for every one you read or just every one you like?  Do you review every chapter or just when you're moved to by the writer?  Being more of a reader than a writer, I figured this was best answered by authors themselves. 

And while I"m in the question asking mood, how and when do you friend someone?  Is friending folks you don't really know, but are a fan of their work, akin to running around hugging strangers?  Do people really prefer the random "Would you mind if I friended you" post verses the "ninja" friending?

I feel kind of silly but I'd rather ask than step on toes.  :) 


The Sorting

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."   ~ Lao-tzu

In appreciation of the many wonderful and talented authors whose work I have enjoyed these last few months, I'm attempting to rectify my lurking ways.  Unsure exactly how to begin, a journal seemed a proper place to start.  Advice from the kindergarten bus seems strangely appropriate right now: find a seat, say hello to your new neighbors, and enjoy the ride.